Blames Rep. Courtney for tiny meeting room

I see that Congressman Joe Courtney is running for re-election, virtually uncontested.

I doubt that the Connecticut Veterans Administration and New London VA clinic disasters will be addressed for over two years with him still in office. My New London VA Clinic doctor recommended that I attend a weekly group meeting several years ago.

When I first started attending the group there were three members. The group got larger over the years and was moved to a larger room until recently. Now a dozen veterans are crammed into a ten-foot square room with insufficient ventilation for 90 minutes! I contacted the West Haven VA director's office two weeks in a row regarding the situation and nothing was done about it. I subsequently quit the group.

Rep. Courtney was never drafted and obviously doesn't care. I will not be voting in the upcoming, rigged November election. Joe doesn't need to spend his campaign money; he's a shoo-in. Why not donate it to building a meeting room at the clinic?

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