Agree with letter on CG Museum location

I commend the author of the clear thinking letter, "Move CG Museum site, use tax money wisely," (Aug. 22). I'm a USCG veteran, and fully support the museum, but watching the decisions being made on it, I have some questions. After taking long-time residents' land by eminent domain in the Fort Trumbull area, why are they going to build the museum in the tight, limited access area of the train station?

Building a bridge across the tracks seems like a "Rube Goldberg" idea, which is going to scare away anyone with a handicap. The train station is a "bottleneck" area now, and may well become a daily nightmare if the museum is built there.

Why not build the museum near the present Coast Guard Station, the original site of the Coast Guard Academy? It has easy access, plenty of parking, and the land is already cleared, ready for building, unless they want to use an existing building. Building a walking span across Shaw's Cove, and even connecting Fort Trumbull with the train station area makes more sense, and, as the letter suggested, is a better use of taxpayer money.

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