Fate of nation and state at stake in November

Your choice in November will help save or lose the nation and our state.

Since WWII, our governments have overspent and have acted irresponsibly in spending. Each citizen owes $51,000; each taxpayer owes $151,000 federal debt. State debt is $11,500 each citizen, and approximately $23,000 per taxpayer. Combined, each taxpayer owes $174,000 as their share of federal and state debt.

Our state is rated among the five worst states for fiscal management, business friendliness, worst governor, highest taxes and education.

We've all lost $5,000-$7,000 in purchasing power annually. If you're seeing it harder to make ends meet, you should blame our governments, both state and federal. It doesn't help when our legislators all seem to support the spending policies of our current governments. We are jeopardizing the future of our children and ourselves.

We collect income of $5 billion a day, we spend $11 billion, so we borrow from ourselves 73 percent of our debt, and about 27 percent from China and other countries, in 2013 yearly interest was $45,799,835 at today's low interest rate. Funding for every support program - food stamps, welfare payments, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare -is at risk. We must control spending.

Your future is at the ballot box in November.

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