Cohanzie apartment plans deserve rejection

I have been a Cohanzie resident most of my life (disclosure, since 2003 I have lived in Quaker Hill). I attended Cohanzie School, as did my five children and some of my grandchildren. But now Waterford wants to allow a non-compliant apartment complex in a residential neighborhood zoned R-40, rather than demolish the school as originally promised (and financed by the RTM) to save taxes.

I owned a home just three houses from the school and would be appalled with an apartment complex going up so close, devaluing property, not to mention the aesthetics of this neighborhood.

The addition of 154 apartments is going to have a big impact on the school system and the developer has stated ("Waterford residents question plans for old school site," Aug. 12) that he will apply for "tax credits." Seems to me that all Waterford taxpayers will see their tax bills go up for this foolhardy development in this wonderful residential neighborhood. The land should be cleared as promised and sold for use as specified by zoning.

From the comments reported during the hearing, the local residents have the same opinion. I urge town agency members who will vote on zoning changes to vote as if you lived next to the development.

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