Tragic story creates gun-training concern

"Shooting by 9-year-old girl stirs debate over guns" (Aug. 28). I can't help but wonder about the qualification of these instructors who train people on the proper and safe use of weapons. It would appear that anyone who teaches someone how to use a high-powered automatic weapon should be aware that the weapon will have a recoil that can and will cause it to raise, or even kick back, into the shoulder of someone who doesn't have the body weight or strength to hold it on target. If they do not know this, they should not be instructing anybody.

I question what are the qualifications of these people that teach minors, and even adults, who are not physically or mentally fit to shoot such weapons. While I am not a user of guns - having only had military experience - all I ask of people who use firearms is to use a little common sense. How can I trust anyone with a gun if they are trained by people who maybe shouldn't be teaching?

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