Hard feelings remain from L+M labor strife

"Lockout cost L+M 14.3M, according to Fitch Ratings," read the Aug. 19 headline. I am a faithful L+M employee of almost 21 years. It makes me sad to hear some things that are untrue and see other things ignored.

The hospital states: "Last year's strike of 800 nurses and technicians cost the hospital $14.3 million, including lost revenues from about 200 patients that went elsewhere..."

Obviously, they have no idea how these nurses worked, lost sleep, didn't see their families, and pushed as hard as they could to come to a mutual agreement. The hospital knew and was already prepared for a strike, hired outside, and let them walk.

They opened the cafeteria for these replacement nurses and technicians when they came in, or should I say President and CEO Bruce Cummings did, and that was after he closed it to employees to save money. He also gave them free food!

I wonder how the nurses felt when they realized that not one of them had health insurance during the job action? They are just now getting back on their feet, no thanks to Mr. Cummings or the people who talk for him.

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