Foley, not Osten, is politician to fear

So the battle is joined. Foley and Malloy again. I thought David Collins failed again at writing a fair and balanced article, "Collins: Foley survives Sprague attack, so far," (Aug. 13). He paints Sen. Osten as a mad dog union supporter. She has spent her life fighting for working people, union and otherwise.

I find "hedge fund manager" considerably more offensive than mad dog union supporter. Foley's insensitive appearance in Sprague showed his true colors. He tried to turn a tragedy into a political stunt and as a result folks got to see him for what he is.

This is not the first time he slipped up by being honest. He tried to walk back a comment he made about "A Wisconsin Moment" when he was confronted by working folk. He is in fact a Koch Brothers puppet.

He contends, "change is on the way." If he is elected, the only change we will see is that he and his cronies $20 bills in lower Fairfield County will turn into $100 bills, while the rest of our twenties turn into loose change.

Ask the folks at Bibb in Georgia what trickled down to them; unemployment and poverty as Foley got richer.

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