Why any hesitation in seating Rob Simmons?

It is not unexpected but it is a sad commentary in Stonington that the seated selectmen would not jump at the chance to appoint a Vietnam veteran, with experience in state, local and national government with a lifetime of service to his community who has been unanimously recommended by his party and the opposing party's committee chair. I don't believe for one minute that equally qualified Republican candidates have come forward for consideration.

The truth, more than likely, is that the the two Democrats on the three-person board know that Rob Simmons has different views than they do on many subjects important to Stonington and they don't want those views articulated in meetings.

When opposing views are openly and vigorously debated the very essence of our representative democracy is at its best. Besides, Democratic selectmen, you will still hold a 2-1 majority. So what are you worried about? Please appoint Rob Simmons to the soon vacant seat of minority selectman.

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