Search consultants not worth the cash

What sane person today believes it is a good idea to hire a group of individuals calling themselves professionals and pay them thousands of dollars to search for a public school superintendent?

I don't.

It would be a better investment to hire a seven-year-old who would take approximately five minutes to search through Google. The seven-year-old would do a much better job as well and for the price of an ice cream sundae, I can guarantee.

Both New London and, at one time, Groton have wasted more money needlessly paying such firms to recruit shady characters with little in the way of scruples. Boards of Education need to better educate themselves and stop trusting so-called professional consultants who require high fees but deliver little in the way of finding ethical professionals.

That might pass for sound private business practice, but should never be acceptable in the public sector, especially where children are concerned. Communities should be alarmed at the rate these individuals mismanage tax revenue.

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