People count on P&Z to uphold Seaside plan

The citizens of Waterford are counting on the Waterford Planning and Zoning Commission to uphold the Seaside Preservation Zoning District, which never included a huge commercial component. The developer seeks a third Seaside zoning change that would allow a tavern, major inn, banquet facilities, restaurant, retail spa, over 100 condos and homes and possibly much taller buildings.

This is not what the people of Waterford envisioned for Seaside. Waterford's pristine shore roads will be overwhelmed with dangerous and increased traffic. The schools may be overburdened. The town's police and fire services will be negatively impacted. The constant noise, smells and loss of the night sky will be severely detrimental to the sense of place as well as home values.

Commission members were appointed to uphold the Waterford zoning laws and I urge them to uphold the spirit and intent of the Seaside Preservation Zoning District. The people have shown up at the hearings and voiced their opposition to this commercial zoning change. Please restore our faith in small-town politics and please vote the people's wishes. Vote no commercial zoning for Seaside. It is the right vote to make.

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