Live Lunch Break Flashback - Village Jammers

Admit it: you're feeling a little churlish because you missed "Live Lunch Break" on Thursday in New London's Hygienic Art Park when Stonington's Village Jammers performed. Featuring Geoff Corkhill, Dan Revenelle, Curtiss Thompson and Sam Kurzontkowski, with guest drummer Jimmy Carpenter, the band played 10 wonderful and sharply written songs that fused country, folk, bluegrass and even Cuban elements. Plus, onstage, the Jammers are witty as hell. But don't be melancholy. We archive all "Live Lunch Break" episodes on Here are fun things to look for and learn about in Village Jammers' sets and conversation:

• An errant Thompson email somehow resulted in a recent Midwestern tour - including a visit to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.

• In the heat, if your instruments go out of tune, you can count on Corkhill to eloquently discuss children's games such as Hide and Seek and Ring Around the Rosie.

• Be careful how you phrase those on-stage song intros. You never know when a spouse might get confused with a cocktail waitress.



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