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Malloy and Foley Address Transportation Concerns at North Haven Forum

While Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy defended his record on transportation Monday, saying more money has been spent to improve Connecticut's roads and mass transit than prior administrations, Republican Tom Foley claimed the state's traffic woes are still "shameful" and have created "a tremendous social cost."

The two major party candidates appeared separately at a transportation forum in North Haven hosted by several regional transportation groups. Traffic jams, a hot-button issue for voters, has been a key topic in the tight race. Recently, a third party group supporting Foley pounced on the transportation issue, running a TV ad showing a highway in gridlock.
"When you think about the human resources wasted while people sit in their cars, it's shameful," Foley said at the forum. "There's a tremendous social cost to traffic congestion. We simply have to be more thoughtful about how we address it."

But Malloy balked at Foley's claim that the Democrat's administration has not focused thoughtfully on transportation or dedicated the necessary resources to expand capacity on highways. Foley contends Malloy has tried to "push people out of cars" when public transportation doesn't meet everyone's needs.

"The reason we need to spend more money on transit is because traffic is bad. Traffic is bad because we under-invested in this system for the better part of 20 years before I became governor. And it's bad because we're building out projects," Malloy said. He rattled off a list of state highways currently under construction.
Monday's forum highlighted the stark difference in style between the two candidates.


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