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Minor-party candidates have their own debate

New London — After learning that they were not invited to the 8 p.m. debate Tuesday between Republican and Democratic 2nd District congressional candidates at the Garde Arts Center, the two minor party candidates in the race decided to hold their own discussion.

Bill Clyde of the Green Party, and Dan Reale, a Libertarian, participated in an alternative debate moderated by a League of Women Voters member at 6:30 p.m. outside 345 State St., a law office next door to the Garde.

Across the street, supporters of Republican candidate Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh were holding a “Liberty Rally” complete with a sound system, while people in favor of Democratic incumbent Rep. Joe Courtney held a counter-rally on several street corners.

Clyde and Reale had to shout to make themselves heard among prolonged car horns, buzzing vuvuzelas and the crescendos of “American the Beautiful” and “The Star-Spangled Banner” blaring through Hopkins-Cavanagh’s speakers.

The two candidates outlined their positions on issues such as health care, global warming and the economy, and told voters what makes them different from the Republicans and Democrats.

The Courtney and Hopkins-Cavanagh supporters lined up across the street from each other are “a great metaphor for how they work in Congress,” said Clyde, an economist and the provost of Manhattan University.

Clyde said that, as a congressman, he would rely on data and “common sense principles” rather than partisanship to solve the nation’s problems.

Reale called the Republicans and Democrats “one party pretending to be two.”

He said he would prioritize fixing the foreclosure crisis if elected and not allow banks to “steal” people’s homes.

— Kelly Catalfamo


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