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Republican Dubitsky takes 47th House seat after contentious campaign

Republican Doug Dubitsky of Chaplin defeated first-term incumbent Democrat Brian Sear of Canterbury in the 47th District on Tuesday in a race where guns may have been the key issue.

It is an expansive, mostly rural district representing nine towns where Dubitsky said people value their gun rights and where Sear voted in favor of a stricter gun control bill that later became law.

“A lot of people in this district were very unhappy with Brian’s vote on the gun bill,” Dubitsky said. “I think that’s one of the reasons he was not re-elected.”

The 47th District encompasses the towns of Canterbury, Chaplin, Franklin, Hampton, Lebanon, Lisbon, Scotland and Sprague and the northern Occum section of Norwich, also characterized by its rural nature.

Sear, 59, said he called Dubitsky, 54, shortly after results from eight of nine towns were known. Scotland results were unknown late Tuesday.

“It was a respectful call. I said, ‘Doug, you won. Good luck in Hartford and ... do what’s best for Connecticut,’” Sear said.

Sear said he planned to take the experience and perspective he gained during his relatively short stint in state politics and “make it productive.”

Dubitsky, who won a three-way party primary on Sept. 12 to gain the Republican nomination, said he didn’t consider his win an upset. Dubitsky is an attorney and former congressional candidate.

“I’m looking forward to getting to Hartford,” Dubitsky said. “I’m interested to see who I’ll be working with for the next couple of years.”

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