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Mayor-chief relationship devolves into lawsuit, suspension

The working relationship between New London Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio and Police Chief Margaret Ackley deteriorated this year, culminating in Ackley's suspension.

On July 30, Ackley filed a request for a temporary injunction against the mayor as part of her breach of contract lawsuit. She asked a judge to bar Finizio from interfering in her duties as chief, claiming Finizio sidelined her from the decision-making process.

The next day, Finizio answered the request by suspending Ackley and opened an investigation into allegations against her including targeting union board members for discipline, interfering in union contract negotiations and misrepresentating financial information.

Meanwhile, Finizio took over contract negotiations with the union and reached a three-year agreement.

Ackley's case against Finizio and the city is pending as is the investigation being conducted by the city into Ackley. Deputy Police Chief Peter Reichard is the acting chief.

- Greg Smith


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