National Guard assists with snow removal in Stonington schools, downtown

Seventeen Connecticut National Guard members from the 192nd Engineering Battalion  are using massive backhoes and dump trucks this morning to clear the parking lot at Mystic Middle School and Deans Mill School.

As a backhoe  with a plow pushed snow aside on Mistuxet Avenue in front of Mystic Middle School, National Guard Sgt. Kyle Hebert said his team had been at the school since 3 a.m. and would soon be relieved by 15 other Guard members "We love coming out to help," he said, adding that the battalion is the first to respond with heavy equipment and was busy during hurricanes Sandy and Irene. "There's nothing like helping your neighbors."

He added that some of the Guard members on the scene were from Stonington.

First Selectman George Crouse had requested assistance from the National Guard on Tuesday to remove snow from downtown Pawcatuck and Mystic and the schools so they can reopen on Thursday.

While the National Guard  has made good progress this morning clearing the Mystic Middle lot the lower lot at Deans Mill remains buried.

Hebert said his unit is trying to make it easier for town plows to get in.

"But even we got stuck a few times," he said.


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So, how much snow will Southeast Connecticut end up getting by midday Wednesday?

I'm not a betting man/woman.


6 inches to 1 foot


1 foot to 18 inches


18 inches to 2 feet


2 feet to 30 inches


30 inches to 3 feet


This is a bogus exercise because the rules are fluid. Are we talking about snowdrift height too?


How much is a lot?


Number of votes: 371