Conn. policies deter heroin recovery efforts

It's sad that it takes so many recent deaths to bring heroin's ugly face to light. Think of all the young people out there with the disease of addiction, knowing that even if they try to quit, they will often come to a dead end under the process of getting clean in Connecticut.

First they'll go to detox, where they'll have to prove that there's enough of the drug in their system to merit a bed (for about a week); if there isn't, they go use again, although they want to quit! Then, if they manage to get a bed and make it through detox, most likely they'll have to wait, their name on a list, until a treatment facility bed is available, at one of too few places, for too short a length of time (probably 30 days). The name of the game is waiting; and heroin addicts are not good at waiting.

Those who tire of waiting will go commit crimes to pawn their goods and buy more heroin because their bodies are screaming for it. Many will end up in prison.

Connecticut is one of the richest states in our country, yet we can't provide help and hope for our loved ones with this disease.

Dianne Strycharz


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