Cutting those in need, protecting the well-to-do

The governor has spoken of shared sacrifice due to rampant state overspending. As I look at the cuts to mental health care, support for child care, medical transportation, addiction services, reduced reimbursement for care of the elderly and more, I can't help but wonder just what the governor, the legislators and their rich cronies are giving up.

Are they reducing their salaries, pledging to forego their state pensions, using their own vehicles or passing up any of the many other freebies that they have voted themselves over the years? If so, I haven't heard about it.

They created this mess, yet they expect the old, the young, the poor and the afflicted to pick up the tab. Our leaders refuse to admit that the Great Recession has only ended for the well-to-do, while the rest of the state must deal with underemployment and economic uncertainty.

Have they no moral fiber at all? Or are they totally unaware that not every Connecticut citizen is as fortunate as the small group of people surrounding them?

If this is to be a shared sacrifice, do your part!

Jeanne Coull


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