He'll take the boor over cloaked socialist

This is in response to the letter, "GOP must find a way to dump Trump," (Aug 16). First of all, I would be the first to say that Donald Trump was not my first choice, he is boisterous, loud, and boorish. That said, he is also hugely successful in the world of real estate globally, employing tens of thousands of people around the world.

Trump has been portrayed as having very public bankruptcies, which is true, but seven failures out of 530 businesses is a pretty good record. He lives in the world of free enterprise were productivity and results are rewarded. His opponent has made her fortune traveling through the labyrinth of political cronyism, and very apparent corruption, for decades, selling her positions of authority for huge paydays, and recklessly jeopardizing American security in the process.

Both are imperfect, but given my druthers, I'll go with the boor who can open the door to American prosperity, rather than a cloaked socialist who will further stifle that prosperity with a continuation of President Obama's abysmal agenda.

It's time for America to redefine individual achievement, and abandon the dead-end collectivism that led us into a no-growth economic and social ditch.

Jim Baker


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