Presenting some facts in Trump's defense

Responding to the letter "Trump’s no genius," (Oct 14), I will not go so far as to call Donald Trump a genius, but now and then a review of facts not tainted by partisan opinion is necessary. Trump filed for his loss of $916 million as an S-Corporation, and as such was allowed to write off losses against future earnings. Further, he has since then turned his business around to be worth ten times his initial loss. Liberals wring their hands about his bankruptcies, seven in number. Trump has formed 516 businesses, and with seven failures, a 98 percent success rate.

Hillary Clinton used the exact same tax laws to write off a $700,000 loss in 2015. In addition she, while secretary of state, left office with accounting confusion over $6 billion. So while not a "genius,” Trump is an astute businessman with a worldwide brand and actual product value, while his opponent in this race, and her husband, have become very rich by selling no tangible product or service. They have sold influence here and abroad, some of which is highly detrimental to this country.

The late senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, once said, "You are entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts." OK?

Jim Baker


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