Reject Riverwalk proposal, Preston can do better

Preston Voters: My vote on the property disposition and development agreement of the Preston Riverwalk is, "No."

Here’s why:

1. No police, fire, and ambulance protection on the development site.

2. No definition for full-time jobs.

3. No plan for current and future town costs to be met other than by taxation.

I propose three amendments to the development plan:

1. The Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority will provide and pay for a new combined facility in the project area for full-time police, fire and ambulance personnel and their equipment. Preston will assume the cost of salaries in year 11 of the project.

2. Jobs meet the following definition: 52 weeks per year times 40 hours per week, at a minimum rate of $15 per hour equal $31,200.

3. The town has spent $28.5 million so far in clean-up costs, with more costs to come. I propose that MTGA pay the town of Preston $28.5 million to cover those costs at the beginning of the project. Less $2 million if 200 or more jobs are created; less $10 million if over $400 million in construction is built.

Join me and vote "no" until the Property Disposition and Development Agreement is re-written to incorporate these three amendments.

Robert O’Neil


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