Elect Alisha Blake to the New London Board of Education

I've known Alisha Blake since 2005. In my early interactions with Alisha I learned that she deals with everyone around her with a gracious spirit. She has this way of making people feel heard when they are talking to her. People turn to Alisha for guidance in dealing with the difficulties in their lives, because Alisha has a way of rationally analyzing a situation and finding a solution.

Over the years, I watched with admiration as Alisha bought a home in New London and started a family. She has three beautiful children, two are currently enrolled in C.B. Jennings Elementary. I watched with admiration as Alisha decided to run for the Board of Education in New London. Alisha’s insistence that every single child matters exactly aligns with my beliefs as a social worker. I couldn’t be more proud to support her efforts to bring about positive changes for our public schools, which would include but not be limited to: better access to quality food for all New London Public School students, more diverse teachers, better discipline practices, and more budget accountability.

Please join me by giving her your vote in the New London municipal elections this coming November.

Kate Sullivan

New London

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