Trump's Korean rhetoric is reason for concern

President Trump continues to demonstrate he lacks the aptitude, integrity and disposition in leading our great country. Trump is more concerned about his image and making his loyal supporters happy, than in bringing our country together. Trump threatens to undermine our democracy by demeaning elected officials, the media, government agencies and by inviting the Russian investigation.

His actions are the definition of a true bully. Trump is now threatening North Korea with nuclear weapons, even suggesting a possible pre-emptive strike by our country. We all know North Korea is a dangerous situation and must be handled with great strength and diplomacy. Unfortunately, Trump lacks the good judgment and temperament to deal with the North Korean leadership. Trump's threatening comments of "fire and fury that the world has never seen before" are irresponsible and could lead us to provoke North Korea into a nuclear war.

Let’s pray our leadership in Washington D.C. understands the gravity of this situation before Trump's next morning tweet is about launching nuclear weapons.

Scott Sanford


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