'Too late for advice from The Day'

The Day editorial of Sept. 11 (“Malloy move provides path to get budget passed”) called for a “push for reform…including relief from state mandates; revisions in binding arbitration rules to control the growth of labor costs; and modifying prevailing wage requirements to lower the cost of construction projects.”

This is too little too late for a newspaper that for 20 years never saw an unbalanced budget, tax increase, regulation, mandate, or social program it didn’t like and continued to endorse a majority of candidates that voted accordingly.

With a Titanic-like mindset that ignored danger signals, the Day and its political surrogates continued to organize the deck chairs of Trump-bashing political correctness, big government, gender and ethnic identity, and social engineering. But unlike that doomed ship, the Day had decades of warnings as Connecticut continued full speed ahead towards a disastrous collision with a fiscal iceberg.

It is too late for advice from the Day. The opportunity for a sharp turn to starboard is long past. Those fortunate enough to access a lifeboat, including the next generation of college graduates, the wealthy, manufacturing and corporations with real jobs, and pensioners having their retirement checks forwarded to states that chose a different course, may be the only survivors.

John A. Rodolico


Editor's note: The writer is a former mayor of Ledyard. He was endorsed by The Day when he ran for that office in 2011.


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