Conley criticism unfair and way off base

A recent letter, “Bill would have benefitted workers comp lawyers,” (Sept. 28), attacked Groton State Rep. Chris Conley, implying that she only cares about enriching herself. This is so far from the truth it’s laughable. Chris has passionately fought for women’s health issues, for Groton’s school budget, for job training, and to assist small businesses. She has put in long hours in Hartford. As a workers’ comp lawyer who knows the problems, she cosponsored solution- based legislation to help speed up the workers comp process.

It’s really hard to see what is wrong with that. There is no financial benefit to her. Since workers comp lawyers don’t charge by the hour, the speed of the case has nothing to do with her fee. But it does make a huge difference to employees throughout Connecticut. But this is only one bill. She has worked on dozens of bills, covering issues from health care to human trafficking, education, opioids, municipal funding, business, veterans, and seniors.

Groton is very lucky to have such a civic-minded, hard-working representative.

Mary von Dorster


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