Corey Feldman claims actor Grissom molested him in ’80s

Corey Feldman has named one of his alleged abusers after promising to out Hollywood’s “pedophilia ring.”

The 46-year-old actor accused his former assistant Jon Grissom, who later had bit roles in several movies, of molesting him in the ’80s.

On “Dr. Oz” Thursday, Feldman called the LAPD to file a report against Grissom, who appeared in “License to Drive” and “Dream a Little Dream.”

“This guy on his Myspace page and his Facebook page has got pictures of me and Corey Haim,” Feldman said.

“He still taunts it and flaunts it.”

LAPD confirmed to the Daily News that they were “aware of the incident.”

The “Goonies” star has claimed for years that he and Haim, who died in 2010, were victims of child sexual abuse.

In his 2013 memoir, “Coreyography,” Feldman recounted the abuse of “Ron Crimson,” who now appears to be a pseudonym for Grissom.



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