Time to end tax-and-spend policies in Groton

Groton’s tax and spend must end. In a hasty rubber-stamp decision Groton’s Town Council extended the Noank Community Garden’s exclusive land-use agreement for another four years absent appropriate due diligence, a strategic plan, or the opportunity for taxpayer input.

The taxpayers’ investment in the Noank School property, including land value, building demolition costs and foregone future tax revenues, is easily $5 million. Six valuable acres were sequestered so that a handful of individuals could plant gardens. Developing or selling the property to address the town's fiscal woes were dismissed out of hand.

The Community Garden is a good idea backed by good people, but the Noank School property, originally intended for education, would be better used to address Groton’s education budget crisis. The taxpayers just absorbed an 8.7 percent tax increase due to shrinking tax rolls and a huge education budget gap. There is plenty of space elsewhere in Groton to accommodate the garden.

Appeasing every vocal minority seeking a taxpayer-funded subsidy undermines the council’s fiduciary responsibility to Groton’s 12,311 taxpayers. This tax and spend philosophy will never restore Groton to fiscal health.

Carl Peruzotti


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