Tuesday vote influences Groton charter's future

There is much at stake in Groton's municipal elections. While the charter revision is not directly on the ballot as a referendum this fall, it is by proxy through the Town Council election. Most current councilors are in favor of making sweeping charter revisions, one of which is disbanding of the RTM. This is just another form of consolidation. 

I urge my fellow citizens of Groton town and city to vote "no" to any candidate who is in favor of the current Charter Revision Commission recommendations.

Our future is not safe in their hands. A town government solely focused on tax and spending reductions at all costs is not considering all of Groton’s diverse citizens in their leadership decisions. Change for the sake of change is not good for Groton. 

Voters need to understand that both Council and RTM are elected by straight popular vote. Simply voting the party line or for a full (nine) field of candidates will over-saturate the returns and result in the possible election of the lowest common denominator candidates. To prevent dilution of the vote, citizens should only select the candidates they trust will do the job for both elected bodies. Every citizen’s vote counts! 

Jean Claude Ambroise


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