Hanscom seeks bright future for Groton

As a longtime human rights campaigner, social justice advocate and political organizer, I’ve realized that affecting positive change means starting from the local grassroots level. It’s clearly the local-level decisions that have the biggest impact on our daily lives, our health, schools, economic prosperity, quality of life and safety. As the late House Speaker Tip O’Neill famously proclaimed, “All politics is local.” 

For those concerned about the national political situation − the best way we can protect our community and ensure positive change is by actively participating in local governance − and, most importantly, by voting. 

I’m running for Groton Representative Town Meeting (RTM) District 3 because I love this vibrant town and I want to ensure a bright future for everyone in our community. Politics is local and you have a voice. Please vote for the entire Groton Democratic team on Tuesday. 

Autumn Hanscom


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