On the Side: The book, “A Grandfather’s Lessons: In the Kitchen with Shorey,” is a real keeper. Both Jacques and Shorey write and cook together for this lovely book, which should be on everyone’s wish list this holiday season.

I am pretty careful about the food I cook. I am a little less careful when I eat out. I try to stay away from processed food and my recycle bags are mostly filled with cat food, 46-ounce V-8 bottles and cans of tomatoes (Muir Glen organic).

But when eating breakfast out I throw caution to the wind, especially when it comes to Taylor Pork Roll. Fortunately, or unfortunately, on a first visit to 511 Café at the Groton-New London Airport, my eyes lit up. Taylor ham (as it is called in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and, I am told, part of Maryland) is available at this little restaurant under the meat on eggs Benedict (on weekends) and as an egg sandwich all the time.

Do I know what Taylor ham consists of? Yeah — pork, spices, salt. It is called a “pork product.” Maybe it is Spam tricked out, although I have never tried Spam. What it is is fabulous.

My husband used to bring loaves of it home from New Jersey, where it is made. I bought it a few times at Walt’s in Old Saybrook. But try breakfast at 511 Café and see if you don’t just love it.

Café 511

Groton-New London Airport

155 Tower Ave., Groton

(860) 405-1644


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