History of community center at Fair Oaks

I would like to offer some history on how Montville came to have a community center at Fair Oaks School. In 1998, the building committee was formed and there was a town facility study in 2002. In 2004, a commercial building permit was opened for the renovation of Fair Oaks for use as a community center. In June of 2007 the question of whether to use a $2.7 million bond was brought to referendum by the Town Council and voted down.

It is the belief of some that the actual use of the Fair Oaks building as a community center was voted down. That belief is incorrect. It was the borrowing of $2.7 million for significant renovation and major improvements that was voted down on referendum, not the community center itself.

The referendum was held on graduation day, which led to a poor voter turnout of less than 1 percent.

The use of Fair Oaks as a community center was approved in 2003 and today it is the liveliest building in town. Fair Oaks is busy every day of the week and the long awaited arrival of the Youth Center has further solidified the great need for this extremely valuable asset.

Tara Crossley


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