Rooster found crowing in New London bushes

New London — The city animal control office is seeking the owner of a black rooster found crowing in the bushes near Cape Ann Court and Ashcraft Road on Monday morning.

Animal Control Officer Tonya Kloiber said the call about the noisy bird came in about 8 a.m. Officials chased the rooster from one yard to another before they successfully pinned it in a corner, she said.

Not a chicken connoisseur, Kloiber isn’t sure of the animal’s breed. She said she doesn’t expect anyone to come forward because city ordinance prohibits ownership of roosters.

Kloiber said it can be difficult to place roosters because they don’t produce eggs and aren’t exactly quiet, but there are usually some people who step forward in such situations. She described the bird as “not antisocial.”

The rooster is at the Waterford-East Lyme Animal Control facility for the time being because it has an outside pen area, Kloiber said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the office at (860) 447-5231.


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