Police need to extend patrol of I-95

The dangerous (and illegal) driving behaviors highlighted on the front page, “Something needed to be done: Police out in force on I-95,” (Nov. 19), were applied to Exits 64-80 and will receive targeted enforcement. However, the same behaviors are on display daily from Exit 82 to the Rhode Island line, albeit with fewer fatalities. Where once speeders had to be alert for a hidden police car northbound between exits 87 and 88 or between 91 and 92, police are now a rare sight on this stretch.

Our Rhode Island neighbors are particularly aggressive in both entering and leaving Connecticut. Troops E and F are cited as responsible for the aforementioned sector. Is any troop dedicated to the far eastern sections of I-95? 

David Evans


Editor's note: That stretch of highway is patrolled by troopers from Troop E.


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