Beware of callers asking for credit card information

Alert, alert, alert.

I received a call telling me my account was being investigated. What the representative suspected were fraudulent purchases on my Visa account. I was asked if I had made three purchases, which I said "no." I was told someone had my card and the representative was going to issue me a new one. I asked her to identify herself and she gave me a name, an "id number;” then asked me for my card number.

I asked for the last four digits of my card, since they were investigating fraudulent purchases. She refused, saying it was illegal for her to give them to me. I then asked for the phone number where she could be reached and she gave me the number. After a few minutes of trying to get my card number, she angrily ended our conversation.

I called the number she gave me, which turned out to be a Visa number. A fraud was averted.

Jacqueline B. Roberts

Old Lyme

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