Trickle-down economics will fail once again

The Republican tax reform is a disaster waiting to happen. The definition of delusion or denial is doing the same thing (i.e., trickle-down policy) and expecting different results (i.e., widespread economic growth). It’s not going to happen because it’s simply not true. 

Trickle-down is all about exploitation, manipulation, corruption, and greed for personal gain. The money from reduced taxes won’t be invested in jobs or increased wages. As has happened in the past, tax reductions will be hoarded to increase corporate profits and personal wealth for a few. This is how the system has come to work time and time again. 

We will see amplified inequality, inequity and injustice that is societal, economic and political, along with the despair that goes along with it. Epidemic substance abuse, overdoses and suicides. 

Every society over the course of human history where the haves take all the resources, wealth and power have self-destructed and collapsed. This will be the same because it is contrary to our human nature to be in community. We are in this life together without exclusions; no one is better or more valuable than anyone else. 

In the end, everyone loses, and the ones with the most will lose the most.

Lucira Jane Nebelung

East Lyme

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