Feeling blue about bowwow named Bauer

It’s Christmas and a time to be filled with joy. However, I’m upset about a senior dog left at the Waterford Humane Society that’s been there since this past July. His name is Bauer, and he’s seven-plus years old. I interacted with Bauer, and he’s very sweet. I already have a very old dog that is very frail, so adopting Bauer was not a possibility. 

Recently Bauer did get adopted out, but was brought back the next day. Supposedly, Bauer was showing food aggression. In most cases, this food aggression with dogs can be resolved. 

Bauer is heartbroken being at the shelter for so long. I was told by the assistant manager, “We are looking into another rescue facility for Bauer.” I asked to be told which rescue facility Bauer goes to, but I was told, “No I don’t think we can tell you that.” 

The director of the Humane Society never returned my phone call regarding Bauer’s plight.

Miracles especially happen at Christmas time. 

Bauer’s a good dog. He deserves a forever home. 

Diane L. Amburn


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