Groton residents demand your right to vote

Groton’s Right to Vote GRTV is circulating a petition in accordance with state statute in order for the Groton voters to have the right to vote on the Charter Revision Commission (CRC) proposal. The previous Town Council blocked Groton voters’ right to vote. The Town Council established a CRC in accordance with state statutes in June 2016. The council provided the CRC with many items to discuss. Among them was the RTM. Some councilors wanted to eliminate the RTM. Others wanted to make it smaller. But they all wanted to do something with the RTM. Please read the minutes of the CRC available on the town website for detailed information.

Per state statute the council could either except or reject the CRC proposal. After 15 months of CRC meetings the council rejected it. Should that happen, there is a petition process specifically outlined in state statute. This states that if 10 percent of Groton voters sign the petition the council must send the proposal to the voters.

This is the point in the process where we are right now. So whether or not you agree with the CRC proposal, the question is: Do you believe the voters have the right to vote on it?

Contact GRTV at to arrange to sign the petition.

Rosanne Kotowski


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