There was a Groton vote -- an election

The attempts of Groton's Right to Vote (GRTV) to have Groton governed in its image are based on a false premise. The petitioners claim that citizens do not have a right to vote are inaccurate. Groton voted in November 2017 overwhelmingly supporting candidates that wanted our government to include the RTM and against changing the Town Charter.

Petition supporters claim 19,000 town voters should have a right to vote on the annual budget. Ironically, these petitioners have to get 10 percent of town voter signatures to trigger a November referendum vote. However, GRTV supports a provision in the charter report that does not require a minimum voter turnout for an annual budget vote. Are they really looking out for all 19,000 Groton voters?

A recent article in The Day, “Groton group circulating petition to put charter changes on 2018 ballot,” (Dec. 13), reports petitioners are approaching voters in the cold with limited knowledge about Groton government asking them to sign to have a right to vote. GRTV members are being disingenuous and capitalizing on the venues (store entrances) and frigid weather conditions to garner quick signatures.  After I gave accurate details to a voter regarding their agenda, she requested to have her name taken off the petition.

Do not sign!

Jean-Claude Ambroise


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