Concerns about New London's RCDA

Although I am a resident of Groton I am concerned for the people of New London. Have they monitored the ongoing story of the New London Development Corporation (NLDC), now the Renaissance City Development Association (RCDA)? The article by Mr. Collins, “NLDC Redux: Another lawsuit consumes Fort Trumbull prospects” (Jan. 26), reveals details of which the citizens of New London should be most concerned. Why was it that Mr. Finizio, the former mayor, tried to gain some control over an organization lacking significant progress in city development? How is it that a former president of NLDC, Mr. Sternlof, is now employed by the law firm that is representing NLDC in its legal battle with River Bank Construction? Is the influence that Mr. Collins suggests Mr. Sternlof might exhibit at board meetings the direction that is best for the city? What division of the government is the RCDA accountable to regarding the use of the funds in their bank account? What amount of those funds is going to the litigation as opposed to real development opportunities for the city? What happens when the RCDA runs out of money? Who then is pursuing developers?

Paul Berkel


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