Build wall along California border instead

Building a wall around California and making it a separate country is a better idea. Liberals can give up their U.S. citizenship and scream, "Free at last!" Everyone would benefit with this arrangement. The United States would rid itself of many unhappy people on the dole for years, along with those that hate America. In their new-found country, Californians could run around naked hugging each other with their pussy hats on, dancing with college professors, criminals, or movie stars.

They could make Oprah Winfrey their president and choose liberal cabinet members, TV celebs and movie stars, as they throw in some liberal news people. Californians could have free housing and food for everyone and pass out free cannabis and condoms to teachers and students every day. There would no more restrictions at California's Mexican border. Schools and colleges would be free. Everyone would get an "A." 

Harold T. Moreash


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