Osten should 'tank' re-election campaign

Regarding the article, “Norwich Legislators discuss state issues at forum,” (Jan 31), I was dismayed and disgusted at the comment made by a sitting state Senator Cathy Osten, who suggested Montville could "tank" its state performance test and become an Alliance District and qualify for additional state aid.

You've got to be kidding me! Montville has worked very hard and is proud of our school system, one of the best in the area. To imply we should tank test scores to get more state money is repulsive and irresponsible. Osten is the perfect example of why our state is in such a financial mess. I demand Osten write an apology letter to the great people of Montville and next time think before she speaks. Perhaps she should "tank" the next election so we get someone more compassionate and intelligent in office to move the state forward.

Tom McNally

Town Councilor


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