Norwich DPU can find savings to help city

Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) states that the additional 2 percent in gross revenues to the city’s general fund, as requested by City Council, would come at a cost to the ratepayers. I suggest that NPU find this elusive 2 percent the council is reasonably requesting without it costing the ratepayers a dime.

How about renegotiating labor contracts that are up in June? After taking over 40 percent in raises over the last decade, including during the Great Recession, maybe it's time labor unions gave back. Instead of 3 to 4 percent raises every year, maybe take 1 or 2 percent, or even better, nothing, to compensate for the greed these unions have displayed over the past decade.

Another option to locate that 2 percent could be renegotiating starting salaries. The starting salary for an executive assistant at NPU is $73,000. This salary is about $10,000 above the average in Connecticut. And that’s just one discrepancy I found by taking a cursory glance at labor contracts and comparing them to the real world outside Norwich.

Clearly, savings can be found to benefit the city, if only our general manager researched labor contracts as he did flight plans. 

Philip Brose


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