Too much '1984' at UConn in 2018

Regarding Chris Powell’s column, “UConn’s PC hysteria invites a nervous breakdown,” (Jan. 29), I am appalled to see that the University of Connecticut has seen fit, through a chief diversity officer, to warn the student body that a Republican conservative speaker, Ben Shapiro, had been invited to lecture.

Apparently Shapiro's views would be in opposition to the single line of thought encouraged by the university.

A liberal education is supposed to prepare students for a wider world, with diverse opinions and complexity. A diversity officer, by definition, should ensure diversity. Promoting and accepting only one line of thought, with punishment for opposing views, is one definition of fascism.

In this case, the chief diversity officer warned the students they may feel anxious and alarmed when confronted with odious views. If so, they could get help at CMHS, “Counseling and Mental Health Services.” This sounds like George Orwell’s "1984."

I was further dismayed that the salary of this individual is $223,000, $73,000 more than the governor’s pay.

I would appeal to the powers that be to eliminate the position of chief diversity officer, together with any other diversity officers. The students are adults who should be left to make up their own minds as to which lecture to attend.

Dr. William Schmidt

New London

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