Truly making America great once again

I admit I read with amusement the letter “Build wall along California border instead,” (Feb.8), in which the writer humorously disparages a walled-off Golden State, a liberal paradise of free marijuana, free love, and Oprah Winfrey presiding, yet one that seemed ironically free of so-called liberal government overreach, a common conservative complaint. 

And everywhere else? Free of that liberal government overreach, corporations could discharge all manner of chemistry into the lakes and rivers, until truly fresh water disappeared. Such niceties as highway lane markers and traffic lights would be superfluous; were you so inclined to drive on the left, so be it. And of course, open carry would be the law of the land. Anyone of any age could pack the largest firearm manageable, for easy settlement of bar tabs, family arguments, and playground disputes. 

Absurd? Of course, but no more so than the California examples. The point is, neither side has a monopoly on best practices, or a shortage of excesses. We may fairly disagree on where to draw the lines, but that’s why we need constructive, not destructive, engagement. That, and not rigid adherence to one side or the other, is what would truly make America great again. 

Al Crossley


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