Are our crazy U.S. politics a sham?

Republicans believe the scandals about President Trump were created by upset Democrats, Trump haters, and the fake news. Democrats fault everything Trump states, tweets or says as lacking in credibility, strategy, and showing questionable intelligence and lack of good taste.

This is nothing new and is expected. But, CNN and MSNBC report this as breaking news, when it's a sales pitch.

The economy is doing better and the president’s rolling in the dough. Is this all part of the plan? FOX news relies on pro-Trump commentary; their ratings are up and lining Trump's pockets. Perhaps Trump also has his hand out for CNN and MSNBC’s payday? Clearly his antics have increased their ratings.

Constantly, I receive pro-Republican or pro-Democrat emails that want my opinion or signature. Some are intriguing, but why do they demand a donation? Trump is worth billions and certainly the other politicians make a superior wage and are cashing in from the chaos.

Is the entire system a sham? The shock and stress the chaos is causing the common citizen is unjust. Instead of improving things, are politicians becoming wealthier by literally adding toxic waste to the swamp? 

Steven A. Birt


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