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To save our kids, arm our educators

The Day March 4 article, "Keeping students safe: Schools look at security in wake of Florida shooting," was a good summary of current deliberations, but it was all about reactive, defensive policies. That approach has gotten scores of students and their teachers killed and maimed.

The only ultimate defense against a determined shooter with assault weapons is a pro-active, offensive policy.

If all America had to offer during the half-century of Cold War was "Duck and Cover," we would all have been in gulags or in the after-life.

Only concealed-carry by some trained teachers and administrators will change the calculus in favor of the kids. And that means not scatter shot, but a head-shot to stop the trigger-finger.

Sorry, but that's the world we live in if you want to keep our next generation alive.

When I was in the Army Medical Corps, we physicians were given a choice: either a .45 hand-gun or a Carbine as our personal weapon to protect our patients in the field. Would I have used it? You bet!

Many civilians, like teachers and administrators, are reluctant to get into this. In fact, in the 1970s, I had trouble getting teachers to agree to have, and if necessary to use, Epi-Pens for their students who might need such care.

Well, your students need this care now. The lives you save may well be their lives and yours.

George Sprecace

New London


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