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Don't play politics, senators, confirm McDonald as chief justice

The judiciary in Connecticut must not be politicized. Justice Andrew McDonald is eminently qualified and his appointment to Chief Justice should be approved. In 2013, the Senate voted 30-3 and the House voted 125-20 for his Supreme Court appointment. He has authored approximately 100 opinions and participated in 483 decisions. His nomination is endorsed by three Connecticut law school deans, the presidents of the Connecticut Bar Association and the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association and numerous other lawyers, including a former Connecticut U.S. Attorney.

A group of 10 conservative lawmakers stated “(g)iven his lack of experience and lack of a substantial body of work, we do not believe he is currently the right person.” This is untenable. Justice McDonald has more experience than all but one justice on the court.

With the Connecticut Senate divided 18-18 and one Democratic senator recusing herself, every senator could be the deciding vote. As a lawyer with over 20 years experience, I hope all members of the Senate can put aside partisanship and vote for the most qualified candidate and keep Connecticut’s Supreme Court in its longstanding role, as the non-political final arbiter of our courts, and not a political football.

Bob Statchen


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