Democrats and news media hate what Trump's achieving

Haven’t heard so much chewing on a president since I voted for John Adams. For trying to build a wall to shut off Democratic hopefuls and gangs from Mexico and points south, the media paint President Trump as a racist bully Latinophobe.

Also, he excused himself to the President of China, ordered a bombing in Syria, then came back to eat dessert. Awfully, he erased 2,000 executive orders by his predecessor. Then he passed a racist tax cut and told North Korea he would hit them with fire and fury. Now he’s stuck $50 billion tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum, while sending troops to the Mexican border.

He also offered to legalize 1.8 million illegals, and fired many people, not to mention being investigated by a special prosecutor for a non-crime. He has the FBI Dems resigning and hiring lawyers.

Did I mention he kicked 60 Russian spies out of Seattle, who were watching a sub base?

Trump’s demanding that all allies we’ve supported for umpteen years pay up or we’ll drop their defense. Elsewhere, he’s blown the hell out of ISIS, announced the move of our embassy to Jerusalem, armed Ukraine, and is restoring our military might. The economy is growing again. Beyond belief, he stacked the Supremes.

Somewhere, Reagan is laughing and clapping.

Howard Flora


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