Support resolution that would protect New London's vulnerable immigrants

Earlier this month a group of concerned local residents, who are part of the grassroots civil rights activism group, People Power, brought forward a resolution that they hope to see passed by New London's City Council. The resolution would reaffirm and codify the New London Police Department's current practice of not participating in or cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement actions unless ICE can furnish a judicial warrant.

While it is wonderful that our police department currently already follows these procedures there is no city policy that requires them to do so. By passing this resolution City Council would send a clear message to community residents, who happen to be vulnerable immigrants (of whom there are many), that it is definitely safe to report crimes and cooperate fully with police department investigations without fear of reprisal. If you agree that such a policy is worthwhile, please join me, and many other New London residents, in supporting the resolution at the upcoming Public Safety Committee meeting on April 23 at 6 p.m. in City Council Chambers.

Katherine Sullivan

New London

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