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New London should not go California

Concerning story, "New London considers sanctuary city" on April 11.

For a city that has struggled for decades to dig out of the "grimy little city" image, with some success, the prospect of becoming a sanctuary city is insane. You need not go far to see the deleterious effects of this liberally inspired folly on populations in California. Los Angeles County now has 55,000 homeless, up 13,000 in 2017 alone, and there is a published "Poop Map" in San Francisco to alert travelers to possible soiled shoes.

The recent, and growing revolt by counties against the sanctuary city legislation imposed by the liberal wing-nut Californida Governor "Moonbeam" Brown should be a guidepost for any city considering such nonsense.

Perhaps New London's governing body should focus on elevating the standard of living of its tax-paying residents with more emphasis on filling the decade long debacle that is Fort Trumbull with revenue generating development, while easing the tax load on residents.

Our esteemed governor, a proponent of this madness, recently gained status as the least popular governor in the entire country, and this sanctuary policy, along with fiscal stupidity, got him there. Someone once said, "The path to hell is paved with good intentions." Don't go there New London.

Jim Baker


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